About us

The South Tees Conservative Association represents a federation of three vital Parliamentary Constituencies: Redcar, Middlesbrough, and Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland. Our dedicated team is tirelessly committed to advancing the Conservative mission, aiming to create a stronger and fairer Britain.

As an association, our primary purpose is to unite Conservatives throughout Middlesbrough, Redcar, and East Cleveland to actively engage in both local and national campaigns. We understand the significance of direct communication, and knocking on doors to engage with our community is at the core of our efforts.

In addition to our grassroots campaigning, we foster a sense of community through various social events. Our calendar includes Pub Quizzes, Dinners with Speakers, Coffee Mornings, and other gatherings designed to bring our members together and strengthen our shared vision.

If you're passionate about making a positive impact in our community and align with Conservative values, we invite you to join us. Get in touch, and let's work together to contribute to the prosperity of our area. Your involvement is crucial, and we welcome your enthusiasm and commitment to building a better future.


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