Worlds First Clean Gas Plant to unlock Thousands of jobs on Teesside

The huge breaking news about the multi-billion pound clean gas energy plant coming to our area is absolutely amazing, and will give lift off to the local economy.

This project will unlock thousands of jobs and will become a new anchor employer for Teesside in the decades ahead. It is an *enormous* tribute to the work of Ben Houchen - Tees Valley Mayor and his team that this has been secured for our area: the competition was fierce and this represents a tremendous victory.

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage is a technology that’s central to our chances of preventing catastrophic climate change, and something I have been campaigning for hard in Westminster. I set out the full, compelling case in my speech last year here:…/647…/CarbonCaptureAndStorage

This will be the first energy plant in our country where carbon emissions are either put to commercial use or stored safely under the North Sea. The world is watching Teesside, and we can all be proud and excited today