Sirius Minerals

The Woodsmith Mine: a transformative investment for our region

Simon has just come back from a visit which represents a truly enormous boost for our economy – the huge £3.2 billion Woodsmith Mine being dug by Sirius Minerals outside Whitby. This will employ well over a thousand people when it starts mining #polyhalite from 2021 onwards, and an independent report suggests it will increase the value of the Tees Valley economy by a staggering 18%.

Work is currently underway on a vast site, drilling down to a depth of 1,600 metres. The deposit will last for decades, if not centuries, and will provide opportunities for generations of Teessiders. Ben Houchen - Tees Valley Mayor and I are absolutely committed to giving it all the support we can, and I met Gareth Edmunds from Sirius to hear all about it – please WATCH and SHARE.

You can find out all about the project at

Later this week I’ll post a second video about the underground transport system which will carry the polyhalite to the Redcar Bulk Terminal, and the works that are now underway at Lockwood Beck, so watch out for this post too!