The Mighty Redcar

We've all been watching "The Mighty Redcar" on BBC Two, which covers the lives of some extraordinary young people. Simon Clarke MP had the chance to get to know the narrator, Madison, over the last year, and for her the sky is the limit.

And that is the point I think needs making. For every James in our area, struggling to stay on the right side of the law, there are many more Madisons, working hard to fulfil their ambitions. I don't want this message to be lost because it makes good television - either to us here on Teesside or to people watching around the country.

Together, we should be proud of the progress we're making. As the slides below show, we've HALVED the number of young people being scarred by youth unemployment since 2010, and record numbers of teenagers locally are now getting the chance to go to university - including from disadvantaged backgrounds.