Grant Shapps: Share the Facts

As the Labour Party gather for their annual Conference, their message to the country couldn't be simpler: more spending, more borrowing and more debt. And, as we've learnt today, they've already committed themselves to nearly £28 billion of debt-funded spending - more than £1,000 of additional borrowing for every household. Over the next few days, you'll hear a lot of speeches attacking the vital action we're taking to turn Britain around.  Help defend our measures to support hardworking people by going to our new Share The Facts website today.  This is the same old Labour, opposing everything we are doing to mend the economy, cut the deficit, and fix the welfare system - while making nearly £28 billion of unfunded spending commitments. Don't let Labour derail the important action we're taking. Help us fight back by rebutting Labour's claims, sharing what we're doing for hardworking people, and telling everyone about the damage a Labour government would do to Britain.